It’s Time To Brand Your Business.

Is your business in its beginning stages, fully developed, or somewhere inbetween? Is your company up and running everywhere but the web? Having a strong online presence can nearly double your yearly earnings. If you need help turning your local business into a well-known or even worldwide brand -

look no further.


Website Creation & Design

A company's official website speaks volumes of its professionalism. An outdated website (or even lack there of) can lessen your credibility. Whether it be client subscription to custom newsletters or blogs with daily updates; your customers will always be in the know as we develop your company’s online presence with your very own company website. However you envision your business: we will bring it to life through your web presence. We offer different levels of web creation and monthly web-hosting to match your particular needs . We believe in websites that are beautifully sleek, clean, and minimalistic. We use data entry to create an online database of your clientele, and offer clients the option to request appointments online with user-friendly software. If you are selling goods, rather a service: opt for Group Millennial’s popular online store creation. Take pride in an online storefront with shopping cart, payment processing, and shipping options for the total online shopping experience! Our online stores all include complete inventory systems with SKUs and product variants. As for privacy: you will have the option of making any or all additional pages from your homepage completely username and password protected. We will create an initial website for you and can stick around to update it on a weekly or even daily basis. It’s all up to you.


Online Social Presence

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Reviews and more.

Building and maintaining a social media presence takes a significant amount of time and effort. Our team works with the highest-level of online marketing - strategically building your online presence with legitimate, relevant followers. We keep your social pages clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye to both draw in and maintain your fanbase. If you need social media influencers to speak about your products, but don’t necessarily have the connections - never fear. We have an extensive list of celebrities including models, actors, musicians, comedians, professional athletes, reality tv stars, social media influencers, and more to get behind your brand! The best part of it all? You tell us exactly what you like and we handle all of the work for you! Have us simply set your pages up for you or moderate them every step of the way.



Whether it be an online marketing campaign, pop-up shop, or professional photo shoot: Group Millennial specializes in the planning, assembling, and complete production of a variety of marketing campaigns and events. When it comes to creating media content: you may choose from our list of talent — or step in front of the camera as you become the face of your own brand! You have the option of our list of professional photographers/videographers, stylists and more —as well as your shoot’s location to be completely coordinated by our team. We work within your pre-designated budget while giving you realistic projections before your campaign’s start date. 

We believe your company’s overall presence should best represent you.

Therefore, incorporating your preferred style and taste into your company website, social media presence, and next marketing campaign is of extreme importance!

You will always oversee and finalize all decisions to be made.